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Human Resources

The human resources department is a critical facet of any organization, responsible for vital tasks like hiring, benefits administration, employee welfare and so much more. Yet despite its importance, organizations often understaff the department so central to its operation, leading to overworked employees unable to provide the support needed to keep the business healthy and thriving.

At LevelUp Pros we avoid that stress and burnout by taking to heart the saying, “many hands make light work.” Having multiple LevelUp employees assigned to your account, led by Anna and Casey, provides the flexibility and and broad expertise needed to take on projects and put out fires on-demand, without the risk of overwhelming an in-house team of one or two.

We estimate that hiring an in-house professional for human resources would cost you an estimated $80,000 or more in salary alone. That number grows significantly once you take into account the following costs:

So why not a boxed HR program like you can find through Bamboo, ADP, or one of the other tech-heavy options available?  

With LevelUp you get a proactive partner in strategic thinking with roots in the local community and experience in the intricacies of California (and multi-state) labor law.  You get the Human in Human Resources.  While some canned HR programs try to hook you with their lower costs, they tend to be reactive and transactional, oftentimes scripted with a one-size-fits-all mentality.  They won’t be invested in your company’s success, and they won’t be actively seeking ways to reduce your liability while building a culture that is unique to your organization.  LevelUp will.

We are a full service, locally owned Human Resources and Employee Benefits Boutique. We specialize in providing holistic support for businesses with 10-500 employees. We challenge the status quo by bringing creative, enterprise-level consulting to small businesses across the West Coast.

Professional Service Firms and Small Business Owners bring us in when…

We provide full and partial service HR & Benefits to Professional Firms and Business Owners and can speak to a variety of topics pertinent to Employee Benefits, Human Resources Law and Sound Practice. We are typically hired by companies employing 10-500 people.

Clients experience tremendous success and rave about our work because our approach is very different from what you normally find…

  1. We are an unbiased, neutral third party strictly looking out for your best interest.
  2. Our process is thorough and creative. If there is a risk in your policy or procedure, not only will we uncover it, we will provide a comprehensive roadmap on how to mitigate and eliminate any potential penalties. We’ll even implement the resolutions for you.
  3. Our expertise and effort will save you MONEY and TIME. Primarily with cost of risk/liability, but also with time and cost of hiring/training these services internally.
  4. We care about the longevity of your business. As a local, female and minority owned business, we are passionate about helping local businesses not just survive…but thrive!
  5.  We understand the value of a high quality employee. We genuinely enjoy workshopping and implementing creative benefits packages to attract and retain your  best talent.
  6. Impossible is one of our favorite words. We love to help our clients achieve what they previously thought too cost-prohibitive, or unattainable.
  7. You will get personal contacts and expertise. We pride ourselves on being reachable, approachable and collaborative. So you’ll never be stuck not knowing who to call.

Through our robust HR Assessments we save our clients thousands of dollars by identifying potential penalties and liabilities, and helping them create a plan to minimize or eliminate them.



Educating employers and their employees about the ins and outs of insurance is our specialty, and what sets us apart from the competition.  As your broker, we will be your advocate with the carriers, we will protect your employees sensitive health information, and find creative solutions to get you the right plan for your needs and budget.

Think of us as beyond a broker: we are a partner.

We will help your business manage assets and expenses by bringing solutions built on how we can put money back into our partners business while still offering comprehensive and competitive benefits. We bring the solutions others avoid because our solutions are not contingent on how much commission we will earn, but on how to help our partners refocus their business, manage benefits, and use savings on initiatives for growth.

Because every small employer deserves to level up, grow and thrive.

At LevelUp Pros, LLC, we see a simplified way to approach the benefits plan design process. We will fully market your plans on an annual basis to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace and to align with the goals of your company:

Benchmark plan costs

Model plan design changes

Estimate renewal costs

Streamline plan selection for your employees